Which strike class dragon are ya?

ello! this will tell you what type of strike class dragon are you! light fury's, night fury's, and skrills! I don't know why but I always imagine light fury's being good in water because of the fin on their backs, I'm probably wrong though.

Okay I made it easy for you to get the dragon you want if you put in certain questions. Although please don't I made this quiz so you could tell based on your own attributes which dragon you are. SO DON"T CHEAT! thanks!

Created by: Addie

  1. what would you do at night?
  2. which days do you like the best?
  3. I am well aware these questions are easy. Don't try and select something just to get one dragon. Answer honestly so you get some real results.
  4. are yo good with water? (or swimming?)
  5. Do you consider yourself fast? (all strike class dragons are fast... some just faster than others)
  6. which food do you like before?
  7. which dragon do you want? (has no effect)
  8. Do you like chocolate chip scones? (won't effect your score but if you say no... you can't be my friend)
  9. which color is your favorite?
  10. If someone was attacking, what would you do?
  11. if you d your love interest what would you do?
  12. are you enjoying this quiz?

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