What Strike class dragon are ya???

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Hi there I'm Bebe and I made this quiz for... Well... Excitement for me I guess... Kehe you can't blame me I'm usually in my room all day texting my best friend *smurks*

Well I hope you get what you want from this quiz!!! The quiz results are either a Skrill, or a Night Fury... But I made it very hard to get a Night Fury!!! *has a smile on face*

Created by: Bebe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What weapon do you want???
  2. Let's stop with the real questions for a sec and what do you want to get most (no effect)
  3. If you picked Skrill read the first. If you picked NF read the second and if you're the Miss/Mr. Sass just skip this thing. 1. So you want the static dragon huh well good *smurks*. 2. So you like the unholy offspring of lightning and death well my nails say Death Note on them, ok???
  4. Sorry about all those very VERY long questions *has a half smile on face*...
  5. A terror is sneaking up on you and you hear a twig snap, you turn around and see it and what do you do???
  6. Will you miss me when all these questions are done??? *has a puppy dog face*
  7. What's your favorite season???
  8. What Class were you hoping to get on the first quiz??? (If you didn't take it skip this question)
  9. Please try to find my other quizzes and I'll put one on here too ([no urls])
  10. Bye (three will have 1,2, or 6 points)

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