What Dragon would you own?

This quiz is about what dragon that you would mostly get along with from How To Train Your Dragon. The options are: Night Fury, Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare and Hideous Zippleback.

Would you like to find out what dragon would suit you best, so when you go dragon taming you know what dragon to look for! I hope you all like the quiz!

Created by: ComputerGhost

  1. What Dragon would you prefer?
  2. What is your favourite Colour?
  3. If you had ONLY caught one fish for the last seven hours, and you cooked it and you were ready to eat it, what would you do if some-one just came and ate it then said "Thanks"?
  4. If there was some-one who needed some food but had no money. What would you do?
  5. What Dragon do you mostly dislike?
  6. What would you rather shoot?
  7. What would you rather sound like?
  8. What personality would you want your Dragon to have?
  9. Would you rather big Dragon Wings?
  10. What colour would you least like?

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