which state should you live in?

Ever wonder if you belong somewhere else or if you could ever make it in another state? Take this quiz to see if you could adapt. You may find you are better off right where you are at

Are you in the right state? Is Carolina on your mind and your heart stuck in San Fransico? Are you a wanna be cowboy or a semi Yankees fan? Take this quiz to find out

Created by: alena
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  1. Have you ever dipped snuff?
  2. what was nascar legend Dale Earnhart's car number?
  3. do you get emotional when you hear Sweet Home Alabama?
  4. which would you rather do
  5. which of these is a new york giants player?
  6. how do you feel about bare feet?
  7. which of these foods do you prefer?
  8. what do you call your parents?
  9. what color is your hair?
  10. is the back of your remote covered with duck tape?

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Quiz topic: Which state should I live in?