Which State of Origin Legend Are You?

The year: 1980. The place: Lang Park. The time: 7:30 pm. The heroes: Queensland. The villains: NSW. The event: the Inaugural State of Origin Match. 30 men face off in an historical match of skill, speed, power and passion that will change the course of Australian sporting rivalry.

How Origin are you? Which state do you really belong in? Are you a Maroon or a Blue? Are you fast and fleety as Laurie Daley, or hard and tough like Gorden Tallis? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: philip Lastica

  1. what's your favourite colour
  2. which era are you from
  3. stupid question, this one: which state are you from
  4. which position do you play
  5. are you a good or bad bloke
  6. how many times have you played origin
  7. which club did you play for
  8. were you ever a member of the 25 nsw legends or the 25 queensland legends
  9. have you ever played for Australia
  10. have you ever done anything incredible during state of origin

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Quiz topic: Which State of Origin Legend am I?