Which Star Wars planet do you live on?

I chose four Star Wars planets from the movies as results, and I hope one of those four would be a good place for you to live! Kamino, Tatooine, Coruscant, and Naboo.

I hope you enjoy the quiz. Answer the questions, and see what you get! Please leave a comment to tell me how accurate it was and don't forget to rate!

Created by: DarthVader

  1. What's your favorite weather?
  2. Are you a people person?
  3. You prefer:
  4. Would you want to be a Jedi?
  5. Where would you want to live?
  6. Do you like to travel?
  7. What's your favorite Star Wars species?
  8. Do you like technology?
  9. Which describes you the most?
  10. Where would you want to go on vacation?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars planet do I live on?