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  • Which Spoiled Hollywood Brat Are You?
    Your Result: Nicole Ritchie
    You were originally known for being the outspoken one in the crowd. You liked to party hard while balancing the chip on your skinny shoulder. Then you found a soulmate, gave up your chemical dependency, began eating healthy, became a mother, and grew up. Now, you're the respected one among your peers.

    i bet shes the best one! WAIT WHAT MY NEXT ONE WAS MILEY CYRUS!!!!???? eeeeeeeeeeww gross!

    h20nicki Nov 29 '11, 7:48PM
  • Miley Cyrus? Ick. She Totally Needs Have Another Personal Life Instead Of Hiding Secrets Of Other People.

    CranberryTree Oct 29 '08, 1:45AM
  • How Can Miley Cyrus Be A Spoiled Brat?

    PandaPal Oct 26 '08, 8:57PM
  • ha ha ha! IM MILEY god im a skank!

    lalalairock Oct 24 '08, 4:33PM
  • lidsey I was expecting pasis

    Afactor97 Oct 23 '08, 3:55PM
  • i'm nicole :P. cool quiz.

    misskiss Oct 23 '08, 7:36AM

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