Which Spanking Do You Deserve???

This quiz will capture your qualities of how you deserve to be punished. Ever thought you deserved more or less than what you got? Now time to find out.

Choose wisely, prepare to be sorry for your choices, and hope that just maybe I'll have a little mercy on you. Might wanna losen your belt so you can take of those jeans and be spanked.

Created by: Katelynnhawley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Have you done wrong to deserve this?
  2. How Angry is the person Spanking you?
  3. Will You Do This Again?
  4. Will You Do This Again?
  5. What Position Will you most likely end up in?
  6. Where,and who will be there based on the offense?
  7. How Long do you DESERVE for it to last?
  8. How Long do you DESERVE for it to last?
  9. Who Will spank?
  10. What implement do you most likely deserve?
  11. the dreaded question, ARE YOU SORRY?

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Quiz topic: Which Spanking do I Deserve???