Which Singers music should u listen to?

Some people don't know who's their favourite singers but if u take my quiz you will find out. Some singers music are not that nice because of the words they use in it but if u listen to your resulted singer u won't be disappointed

Do you have a favourite singer?Who's your favourite singer?What's your favourite song?if u don't know then take my quiz and see who's your favourite singer thanks so much if your are gonna take it.Some people don't have a favourite singer but if you take my quiz you will find that out!

Created by: BelieberSupras6 of quotev
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a song lyric:
  2. What fandom are u in?
  3. Which 2 songs do u listen to most of the time?
  4. Where do u want to live when u grow up?
  5. Which celebrity do u want to be your gf/bf
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  7. Which one of the below do u say the most or live by it?
  8. Thanks so much for taking my quiz :* Please Comment and Rate luv url
  9. No effect at all...... Pick a number
  10. Thanks again pls comment and rate :)

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