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  • This quiz is too general. You have BOTH hemispheres for a reason, even if one is dominant. A much better way to look at personality, or rather temperament, is with the MBTI or with Socionics (an evolution of the MBTI). I am an INTJ according to the MBTI, which is introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. It's true that I am very logically oriented, however my dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition (Ni), which means that I am much more of a big picture type person than a detail oriented person (I can be good with details when necessary, however).

    For example, two people can enjoy playing chess, but play it differently. In my case, I am a big picture, strategic thinker that looks at the entire chess board, whereas another person might be more oriented toward specific tactics that only involve a few pieces. This quiz would not differentiate between our thinking styles, however, and would instead classify both as "left-brained".

    • I agree with you!!! And BTW I am an ENFP :)

  • Really dumb! The results say I'm right-brained and then say that I like to work in a group (I answered that I like to work alone), that I'm not a good speller (I answered that I'm good at spelling), that I can study with other things going on (I answered that I have to have silence to study), so what good is this test? Also, the results narrative reads like it was written by somebody using English as a second language. This test is worthless.

  • It said I was right sided and that I'm not very good at spelling, math or science. Ummmm, I'm excellent at those. Those are my favorite subjects. I'm average in sports. I don't like writing because it takes forever, I'm impatient, and I want it to be perfect so there's a lot of correcting. I specifically selected that I don't like to work in groups. I hate it. I can't stand it. I like working by myself because then only I'm held accountable. It's like it described the exact opposite of me lol.

  • Awesome! I got right! Woo! Imagination!

    Although this quiz is a bit innacurate. I'm horrible at sports...and I'm GOOD at spelling! And I prefer to work alone rather than in a group...Although I think I use both sides because I love to study psychology and philosophy...

    And please take my quiz! [no urls]
    Thank you!

  • This is literally the exact opposite of me. Every single detail that was included was completely false.

    I even stated on the test that I prefer working alone and am good at spelling, math, and science, and the end result claimed that I like working in groups, and am *bad* at spelling, math, and science.

    ...This needs some serious improvement....

  • The answers to this quiz are false. Don't believe what this says about your abilities or intelligence. No one can size up who you are with just a few questions, some of which are borrowed from other quizzes online. I won spelling bees, and it told me I don't know how to spell. It also gave me a rating of 80% right and 66% left. I don't think they are as good at math as I am. That equals 146%, right? Guess I have too many brains to fit in my head. No wonder I get so many headaches!

  • The right side of the brain isnt supposed to dominate on most people!! Then that would mean most people are peft handed while only 10% of the worlds population is. And the results are so innacurate!! And to think that i usually right good reviews... i cant help it, this was by far the stupidest and most innaccurate quiz ive ever taken! No stars if i could!

  • Q 14 - Are you good at writing stories?
    My answer - very bad
    Test results - you are very good at writing
    Q 15 - Are you good with numbers?
    My answer - yes
    Test results - you are bad at math
    Q 19 - Do you often have hunches?
    Answer - no
    Test results - Problem solves with hunches
    Most inaccurate test every.

  • This is inaccurate because i have punctuation and grammar issues.I can't believe i got the left-side.And i also enjoy doing sport and other things right-handed people do.SO,i am both!.

  • I'm surprised by all the negative feedback. I took it and found it to very accurately describe my abilities and personality. I am 53 so maybe it is different for younger people.

  • good quiz...but...you got the descriptions of the brain sides wrong. right side is analytic and logical and left side is creative/emotional :) just learned that in health btw. and i looked it up. interesting quiz though

  • Actually I use both, I'm great at spelling, I am decent in school work, I love music and reading and stuff

    basically i use both xD

  • got right....and most of it's true. except i hate sports other than volleyball or tennis, and i am a spelling freak.i won the spelling be like three years in a row.and i'd rather work alone....this wasn't too accurate. :P

  • In the description for what traits the left side of the brain causes in a person, "Basically" is spelled incorrectly.

  • right side,YAY XD XD XD, that just fits me!!! lol i am mean really i hate math and spelling and i love to write have fun and listen to music.

    but the weird thing is that i am the SMARTEST kid in my class and i act like i us my left side :/

  • I got right. It's all true except I don't like mystery novels and I'd rather work alone than in a group.

    Puppy xo1
  • I got left side - most of what it says is true, however I do use both sides of my brain regularly.

  • i got the right side but over half of it was wrong. and why are you saying the right sided people are normal does that supposed to mean left sided people arent

  • I dont use the right side, I use both. coz im not rubbish at maths or science. im an excellent speller and i need to study in silence

    X Jess X
  • this is just waste nothing matched to what i had written it was complete opposite of me

    waste of time!!!!

  • *gasp* you are saying right people aren't smart! it said on left: you are smart ^^!

  • Wow, this quiz is extremly inaccurate -> especially considering it asks you a question.. then in the results it says you're the oppisite.

  • right side :D

    strange when I was younger my teacher said I always used my left side :/

  • Right side. Most of it's true except I rock at math.

  • Hm..
    I got right side.. :)
    Good quiz anyway..


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