Which shoe are you [for girls]

What is your kind of footwear?Or which footwear do you think suits you best.Have these questions never bothered you?Well, here's your place to find out!

Take this quiz to find out to which is your kind of footwear.But please remember that this quiz is just made for entertainment purpose and its results may not match.

Created by: Demontheangel

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  1. Life is...
  2. Which element do you think you are most connected to?
  3. Which spirit animal do you think you have?
  4. You see a kid crying and when you ask her whats the matter she says her kitten is stuck up in the tree.What do you do? [Be honest.Nobody can see your answers]
  5. You have six cards laid before you each containing a picture that symbolizes something.Which will you go for?The pictures are..
  6. Choose a shade of blue
  7. Choose a shade of yellow
  8. What does your ideal vacation include?
  9. Will you rate?[no effect]
  10. Will you comment?[no effect]
  11. Did you take my other quizzes?[no effect] {This is not the last question!!}
  12. YAAY!Congratulations!You have just won a free ticket that says you can have 5 free ice creams of any flavor and from any place in any time.But oh no!The wind just blew it away from your hands and a beggar finds it!And he is so happy!What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which shoe am I [for girls]