What kind of shoe are you?

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This quiz is just for fun. You're not going to litrally going to turn into a shoe.(But that would be pretty funny!)This my first quiz ever and I hoped you liked it. I worked hard and it might not be good.

High heels-Girly Slippers-Crazy Flip-flops-Fun Sneakers-Sporty Which one are YOU?!?! WELL??? DO YOU HAVE AN ANSWER?!?!? Anyway...thanks for taking my first quiz...

Created by: Biance

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which best decribes you?
  2. Do you care about fashion?
  3. Do you like sports?
  4. Do you really,really,really,REALLY like the mall?
  5. Do you like dresses?
  6. Like my quiz so far?(No effect)
  7. Ever played a full game of hockey?
  8. I ran out of questions.
  9. Are you a girl who acts like a boy,a girly girl,a boy that acts like a girl,or a regular boy?
  10. Rate my first quiz:

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Quiz topic: What kind of shoe am I?