What Kinda Shoe Are You?

There are many different shoes but what exact type are you..you can be a rugged old shoe a hot new baby doll heel or brand new nike air jordens....so wanna know what kinda shoe will they make about you someday

Are you a brand new Britney Spears high heel or the new converse with spikes or the new nike air jordens or what about some klown kickz but it all depends on your personality so keep it truuu!

Created by: PaRtY gIrL214

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Gotta hobby?
  2. What Kinda Clothes Do You Wear
  3. Whats Your Clique/Group
  4. Your Moto?
  5. Do You Want Your Results
  6. Will u Rate
  7. Will u Rate
  8. Which Name Is Cuter
  9. Sorry for asking Dumb Questions
  10. This is the last question

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Quiz topic: What Kinda Shoe am I?