Which Shipwrecked 2011 character are you quiz?

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This quiz shows what character you are from the lovely show Shipwrecked 2012. Hope you all love it. So go on it! Thanks.

Some of the characters are missing like Ashlie, Carl and Salema.Some answers are pasted from the website. Channel 4- shipwrecked- Cast Profiles. Just so you know.

Created by: Lol Walker
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  1. Are you competitive?
  2. Do you like being in control?
  3. Are you known to be annoying?
  4. Are you an attention-seeker?
  5. Are you lazy?
  6. Are you a vegetarian?
  7. What word would describe you?
  8. Are you a leader?
  9. Are you sporty?
  10. Can you tan easily?
  11. Are you opinionated?
  12. Are you genuinely a happy person?
  13. Are you a likeable person?
  14. Are you confident?
  15. Do you like messing around? Like putting on voices. Dressing up? Etc
  16. Are you easy going?
  17. Are you emotional?
  18. Where would you make your camp?
  19. Are you good a negotiating?
  20. Do you like drama?
  21. Do people think your funny?
  22. Are you a cheat?
  23. Are you good at singing and making up raps?
  24. Are you a talker or a listener?

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Quiz topic: Which Shipwrecked 2011 character am I quiz?