Which servant class are you?

Find out which class of Servant you would be summoned as if you were a Heroic Spirit. Each servant tends toward a different personality, which tends to accord with their fighting style and approach toward battle.

The following are simple questions which may reveal parts of your personality that are more or less like the different classes of Servants from the Fate series.

Created by: chanayune
  1. Which activity sounds the most fun to you?
  2. Which type of juice / juice drink do you prefer?
  3. Which writer would you prefer to read?
  4. Which baseball position would you play?
  5. Where would your dream vacation destination be?
  6. Choose a dessert.
  7. Choose a video game genre.
  8. Which starch do you prefer?
  9. Your friend is going through a breakup. How do you respond?
  10. Which Saber-class servant is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: Which servant class am I?