Which Samurai Clan do you belong to?

Hello, this is a fairly accurate quiz. True I don't know all, and there is no way I got every clan but it is based off of what I know, I do not claim it is the best by any means. Be my guest, you think you can do better I encourage it.

This quiz is designed to see exactly what kind of samurai clan you belong to, which one you do. It is based on history, philosophy, and where you belong. I wish you luck.

Created by: [Taisho] Sazuki Hikari
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In a Clan, what do you prefer to it's ability?
  2. As a warrior, what social class would you fall under? [Will not effect score]
  3. What region/Terrain do you find yourself most comfortable in?
  4. What is the best skill to you and your men?
  5. What do you have the hardest time against?
  6. What is your leader's ultimate goal?
  7. I say warrior monks, you say!
  8. What are your morals?
  9. Which weapon do you favor?
  10. When is the best time to strike?
  11. Thank you for your time.

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Quiz topic: Which Samurai Clan do I belong to?