Which Roblox Game Is Best For You?

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Welcome to the "Which Roblox Game Is Best For You?" quiz! Are you bored and want a new game to try out, want a new game to play with your friend, or just want a new game to add to your favourite's list? Well, here you can find one!

This quiz has 21 questions. 7 of them at the beginning are normal questions, and 14 of them are questions asking you to describe games you like to play. Also, before we start, I want to say this was NOT my original idea, I took another Roblox quiz that was on the featured page and wanted to make my own Roblox quiz. I forget they're name, but credits to them! Ok, now good luck and have fun!

Created by: Paige
  1. Let's start off simple. Which style of game is your favourite?
  2. Now for the opposite of the last question. Which style of game is your least favorite?
  3. This may not seem important, but it is. How many hours a day do you usually play Roblox?
  4. Other games matter too! What games do you play other than Roblox?
  5. All games are welcome to boys and girls, but some games are more girly or boyish than others. What's your gender?
  6. Age matters as well! How old are you?
  7. Your personality also affects which games you play! Which pair of words describes you best? (one positive word and one negative word)
  8. Now it's time to describe the games you like to play! First, do you like games with fashion?
  9. Lots of games have fighting other players, but not everyone likes it. Do like games with pvp fighting?
  10. Virtual pets and animals are amazing in my opinion, but some people think they're boring. Do you like games with pets and/or animals?
  11. Lots of fighting games aren't pvp, and lots of people like it that way. Do you like fighting NPC's in games?
  12. Lots of games are all about the money, and only the money! Do you like games that constantly generate money for you?
  13. TONS of games have parkour, whether it's easy or hard! Do you like games with parkour?
  14. I know this question is extremely off-topic, but TRUST ME, I need it in here. WOULD YOU HACK FOR MONEY???
  15. This may be a weird question, but a couple of Roblox games have this. Do you like games with schools you can go to with classes to attend?
  16. The action in games makes a lot of people like them! Do you like games with lots of action?
  17. You can roleplay is any game, but some are just BETTER to roleplay in. Do you like roleplaying in games?
  18. Fun games often have a variety of different worlds to explore! Do you like games with lots of worlds to explore?
  19. Some people like games better when it's easy to earn money. Do you like games where it is easy to earn money?
  20. Obviously, lots of games are very difficult! Do you like hard games?
  21. Last question! Do you like games better when they have no game passes?

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