How Well Do You Know MovieStarPlanet

Hi there! I decided to do a MSP quiz since nobody has done it yet! MSP is a pretty good game if you haven't downloaded or heard of it. It's not better than Roblox, but it's my second favorite online game! :D

I apparently need two paragraphs. :/ Anyways forgive me if I made any grammatical or spelling errors! It's also a pretty easy quiz if you have played MSP! Anyways enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Arianna
  1. Which of the following names is correct?
  2. Can you use the trading system on mobile/ipad/kindle?
  3. Can you cuss in MSP?
  4. Can you make movies?
  5. Do people bully you on there UnU
  6. Do you have to wear certain items to go into chat rooms?
  7. Who's is a popular MSP player on MSP?
  8. How do you get diamonds on MSP?
  9. Is there VIP on MSP?
  10. Can you block and report people?
  11. Can you design your own clothes?
  12. Is there a MSP 2?
  13. Can you chat to people without friending them?
  14. Do you get fame for being in other peoples movies?
  15. What device can you get back rounds for, for your movies?
  16. What is the age rating for it?

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