How Good Are You With Chickens?

Hello! This is a quiz to see if you're good with chickens! Tbh it's pretty easy, there is also a FNAF question in it for those FNAF lovers, it's a song lyric question, so I hope you get it right!

One of the answers may seen pretty violent to you, but it's actually what you have to do if you have a dead chicken! (Welp, there's a hint for ya :/) Anyways enjoy the quiz and friend me on Roblox! My account name is, RedLoveingAngel! (Yes, I know it's spelt wrong, I'm bad at spelling okay ;-;) Or you could friend me on MovieStarPlanet. My user is, RedLovingAngel. Notice that it's spelt correctly this time! UwUAnyways have fun!

Created by: Rosetta
  1. It's 6:00AM and you're letting the chickens out, a rooster approaches you and tries to jump on your back. What do you do in this scenario?
  2. You go outside to do your chicken chores when all of a sudden two roosters start fighting! What do you do?
  3. I'm bored :/
  4. Anyways... You go outside and you see a dead chicken! :0What do you do?
  5. A FNAF question for all them FNAF lovers ;) (I know it has nothing to do with this topic, but whatever =_=) Anyways, GUESS THE SONG >:3She's the robot I wanted to see, a pretty metal lady they called baby. Father said no but I found a way! How could I have know that she would take me.... underground, to the circus. Was it worth it? Then you came down, your in my world now...Stuck... in a metal body~ Cold like a scoop of ice cream oh~I just wanted to see her! I didn't wanna be her! 3Now she is the tomb that holds my soul! Be careful what you wish for, cause baby you might get more!
  6. Oh no! You just discovered your chicken has a deadly disease! D: What do you do?
  7. Your chickens are out of food and you can't refill it because you ran out of money to buy more of their feed! D: What do you do?
  8. I need 10 questions T-T
  9. If your chicken is eggbound, what do you do?
  10. Do you put a chicken close to your face?

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Quiz topic: How Good am I With Chickens?