How Well Do You Know The Fnaf Backstory

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How Well Do You Know The Fnaf Backstory? Take The Quiz. This Is My Fourth Quiz So Please Don't Take My Quizzes Seriously Until I Start Getting Good .-.

I Really Hope Y'all Enjoy My Quizzes So Far. I Want To Make Them Just For You Guys :) So I Really Hope You Leave A Rating So I Can Progress In The Future!

Created by: Horror Lives

  1. Bite of 87?
  2. Bite Of 83?
  3. What Is Glitchtrap's Real Name?
  4. New Reluctant Follower?
  5. "Dont Tell Daddy That I'm Here, I Wanted To Watch Your Show Too"
  6. Who Worked At SL Before Micheal?
  7. Who Is Molten Freddy?
  8. *fnaf song quiz* Who Made The Song-Don't Come Crying?
  9. *Fnaf song quiz* "You told me, not to go near her, but she was so beautiful, and didnt you make her, for me. WHAT"
  10. Who worked at fnaf 3?
  11. Hard Question Save For Last.Who Is The One You Should Not Have Killed?
  12. OK NOW LAST QUESTION. Who Do We Play As In UCN?

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