Which "Red Roses" Character Are You?

I am just starting to write like a new anime or manga... Yah guys, that's 4 real. I am just trying to make a quiz for discover what character are you...

Are you the cute character? the funny one? the sluttiest one? or the one with a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig EGO? You'll find it soon.

Created by: Danni

  1. First, pick the birthdate that is closest to yours:
  2. About how tall are you?
  3. What kind of food do you like most?
  4. Favourite color? (Or what color do you like most?)
  5. Your favourite hobbys include:
  6. Favourite Subject? Or... what of the next subjects do you like most?
  7. What is(was) your least favorite subject?
  8. Of what color are your eyes?
  9. Some people do not like you because
  10. Your sexiest feature is:
  11. The word most closely associated with you is:
  12. You detest:
  13. The word that describes you in a nutshell is:
  14. Your hair color?
  15. Tell us about your worst habit!

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Quiz topic: Which "Red Roses" Character am I?