Do you like anime for real!

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Lets see if you really like anime! This quiz will determine if you are a full on otaku or just a plain old un-anime fan! This quiz is to test your abilities and just for fun! Don't have your feelings hurt if it says you are not.

You are awesome! dose not matter wether you like anime and manga or not because this quiz i made honestly just to have a little bit of fun and have friends and family try it out and of course you guys!

Created by: Eatketchup
  1. Do you watch or have already watched Sailor moon?
  2. Have you watched any pokemon, be honest (be honest on all the questions I'm not judging you bro)
  3. Pick out which ones are anime.
  4. Have you watched any studio Ghibili movies
  5. Favorite elementary anime out of these
  6. And , what is your favorite manga
  7. Okay, this doesn't really relate to anime or manga but it will help your score! Remember to be honest! The question is : do you like any japanese charecters?
  8. How long have you been watching anime
  9. Why do you like anime
  10. And lastly, who says this anime quote: because they saved me they rescued me from my loneliness, they were the first to except me for who I am, They are my friends.

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Quiz topic: Do I like anime for real!