Do You Wish Your Life Is Like In Anime Or Manga?

This quiz is for fun and don't take it seriously. Just answer it. Nothing is wrong to wish for something. I love anime so I thought it fun to know that have opinion with me That world look so better in anime.

Watch anime and read manga is hobbies for me. Most of the time it become escape for me. So this quiz just to know if you think anime as escape like me.

Created by: Alia Yazid

  1. Do you ever watch a anime or read a manga before?
  2. What your favorite anime or manga genre?
  3. Do you interest to become your favorite anime characters?
  4. Do you interested to be transfer to another world?
  5. If you can choose character that you might be, what character will you be?
  6. Do you want a harem? What is your harem look like?
  7. Do you do anything to make your wish come true?
  8. Do you sold your soul for your to come true?
  9. Why you want to live like anime characters ?
  10. Do you fill that you better born in anime world?
  11. Why do you ever wish to become anime character?
  12. Do you think life as anime better?

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Quiz topic: Do I Wish my Life Is Like In Anime Or Manga?