which r u ???(this is 4 y6 class go us!!!)

Are you sci-fi mad? Girly? Sporty? Gothic? Punky? A soap fan? Funny? Take this quiz and find out! This was made by Megzi Moo and Sazzy too in year 6 made for year 6 especially so enjoy and we hope the result doesn't disappoint...!!!=-)thnx.

Thank you for trying this quiz we (Megan and Sarah) hope you enjoy it and if you don't like your result try try again!!! Ok? Don't take offence if you don't thank you very much Megan and Sarah xxx =-) =-p =-)!!!!!! Hope you love it=-) =-) =-)

Created by: megzimoo nd sazzy 2

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which mag would you rather have?
  2. Fav celeb?
  3. I got over 4C for science in the practise sats.
  4. Im boy crazy.
  5. Im girl crazy.
  6. Friday Nights you watch...
  7. Fav colour...
  8. Fav song...
  9. Fav sort of film...
  10. Are you a party person?

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