Which Public Enemy are you?

There are many people with enemys, but few who could live up to the standard of a public enemy no.1. What criteria is needed to be Public Enemy No.1? You must be unruly and disliked by most. If that speaks about you then I'm sure you have potential!

Are You Enemy No.1? Do you have the unruly behaviour to qualify for the title of "Public Enemy No.1"? Until now you could only wonder, But thanks to me and my great quiz - I will provide you with the truth and only the truth, In a few minutes you will know which you are!

Created by: abc123cde
  1. Which is you're favourite part of a Choc-Ice?
  2. What's you're favourite part of the Western Saddle?
  3. What would inspire you to steal a horseshoe?
  4. If people put you and the other public enemy in stocks - Who Would Receive the most rotten food thrown at them?
  5. Why would you want to steal a horse?
  6. How Often Are You called Unruly?
  7. Do lots of people hate you?
  8. Which Enemy do you think you are? (Effects)
  9. Do you have many enemys?
  10. What would you be more likely to have on a site?
  11. Have You had Accounts banned?
  12. Goodbye...

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Quiz topic: Which Public Enemy am I?