which ptx member are you?

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Which Member of pentatonix are you? This quiz is is about ptx and which member you are if you like what result you get please rate and comment too. Thank you

Do you know pentatonix and who you want to be? Well I really hope you get the result you want.this is my first quiz so please rate and comment.And thanks for playing

Created by: sasha

  1. What is Mitch's full name
  2. Who do you want to be?
  3. Who is the baritone?
  4. What is your favourite color
  5. What would you do
  6. How often do you laugh?
  7. If you were in pentatonix who would you like to be?
  8. How would people describe you?
  9. The last question is coming up
  10. Do u love Mitch because I do

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Quiz topic: Which ptx member am I?