which problematic danganronpa ship are you

so you may know.. there r problematic ships in dr.. why not a better way to convey how problematic u are than with a ship? genius.. ikr.... takemy quiz please

what will u get!!!!!!1 take the quiz to find out!!! i made this quizz at almost 9 am i literally beg of you please take it i worked hard for this my family is starving

Created by: trapgodizuru6969

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which meme describes you the best
  2. fav clr
  3. fav breed of dog
  4. fav dangan character
  5. do u support soshunns vibrating a## d**ldo?????/
  6. which tumblr esque female artist do u most relate to
  7. fav youtuber
  8. best twitter userr???
  9. zodiac sign
  10. fav meme? (reprise)

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Quiz topic: Which problematic danganronpa ship am I