which pony are you?

Which pony are you? A children's favorite or a top level hunter / jumper? Are you a champion? Will you make it to pony finals? Who are your pony relatives?

are you a rider? Western or english? Barrel racing or jumping? Do you show? Dressage? Hunters? Jumpers? cross country? do you just ride at home?

Created by: Jennifer

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A new rider is riding you and you are going over small jumps, but your rider is pulling on the bit and getting left behind
  2. you are in the show ring and coming at a jump at a weird distance and angle
  3. ugh... a new bit... a bad one... and the rider is pulling alot
  4. SCARY JUMP! your rider says it is okay but can you believe them!?
  5. FOOD! ALOT of food!
  6. Trailer time! but yo have to get in it
  7. What type of riding do you do or want to do?
  8. how fast do you like to go?
  9. Do you jumping shows?
  10. Horse colors
  11. High jumps or low jumps

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Quiz topic: Which pony am I?