Which Political Party are you?

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Welcome to the quiz! Here, I will be asking you some questions and asking your opinion on some current issues. This means scenarios and topics. Good luck!

I have added five results: Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and other. The way you answer will show what political party you are.

Created by: James Bond

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  1. K, welcome to the quiz. So in this quiz, I will be asking your opinion on current issues, and your responses will determine your political party (I know, it sounds complicated)
  2. Abortion should be legalized. (For those of you who don't know what abortion is, it's basically if a woman gets pregnant and doesn't want to keep the baby, she can have it taken out of her and killed.)
  3. Back when the Civil War was going on, if you were in this time period, would you be against, or for slavery?
  4. Should Gay Marriage Be legalized?
  5. In addition to the last question, do you think that acceptance of Gay Marriage is a Sign of progress?
  6. Here's a scenario for you: Seth is a CEO for a large Insurance company. He's worked insanely hard for ten years to earn a well-deserved salary of $425,000 a year. Across town, we have Jack, a homeless man. Jack dropped out of high school at 17, and doesn't feel like applying for an online school, or applying for a minimum wage job. Should a portion of Seth's money be taken out of his paycheck and given to people like Jack?
  7. Here's another Scenario: The same Seth still makes the same amount of money with the same amount of effort. Now down at the prison, we have Mike, who was just released from prison for robbing a bank and hijacking a car to escape. Mike is now out in the real world again, and with no money. Should some of Seth's paycheck be sent to Mike to give him a push in the right Direction?
  8. How important is keeping the environment safe?
  9. What is your opinion on the Death Penalty?
  10. Here's another scenario: The President has decided that funding for America's military should be cut. The money will instead be used to set up a Gay-Lesbian program in all high schools. This program will bring Gays and Lesbians together to talk around people that can understand them. What is your thought on this?
  11. K, that's it :P.

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