Which pole move are you?

With so many different pole moves out there, and so many different ways to pole dance, wouldn't it be fun to learn what your pole preferences say about you?

Do you prefer death-defying inverts, gorgeous spin combinations, or just the fact that you can finally climb that pole and sit there! In short, which pole move are you?

Created by: PoleSkivvies of PoleSkivvies
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  1. Where do you learn most of your pole moves?
  2. What do you prefer to wear while working out on the pole?
  3. What music do you prefer when practicing on the pole?
  4. Where do you pole?
  5. Do you prefer inverts or spins?
  6. Do you prefer static or spinny?
  7. What workouts do you do besides the pole?
  8. How much time do you spend on the pole forums?
  9. Do you post videos of yourself on the pole?
  10. Are your performances more filled with poses and spins, or with dancing?

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Quiz topic: Which pole move am I?