Soulful musician or technician?

Now music moves people and awes people.. It is also seen as a means of escape or a way or being popular. Some use it to fill their soul, others use it to impress

Do you have what it takes to move, to have the soul of the music in your hands? Or do you prefer to let people look at you as if you are a god using music to say "Look I can do this".. Emotions or image?

Created by: James
  1. When you hear a song, do you try and work out each note step by step? Or do you just try and get the vibe?
  2. Hendrix or Malmsteen?
  3. John 5 or Steve Clark (Def Leppard)?
  4. Which styles do you consider technical?
  5. What is P.M?
  6. What do you play?
  7. Nearly there.. Playing while drunk ot sober?
  8. Solos or riffs?
  9. A well known band or an unknown band is your favorite?
  10. What do you think of yourself?

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