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  • Your Result: Dragon 90%

    You are a dragon type pokemon. People can describe you as someone who is wild and aggressive. In the pokemon world, dragon type attacks are powerful like heck! Even though it is weak against itself and fairy types, it is still a cool type.

    76% Fire
    59% Rock/Fighting/Ground
    45% Psychic/Ghost
    30% Grass/Bug/Poison
    30% Flying/Normal
    30% Dark
    15% Electric/Steel
    15% Water/Ice
    15% Fairy

  • 88%

    You are a fairy type pokemon.People can describe you as someone who likes to look good,and also someone who is a bit uptight.In the pokemon world,as of now,fairy type is the newest type of all.It is the type that gave the dragon types a real weakness instead of bieng weak againts just itself which is weird.But thanks to fairy types,they have a new weakness.Well,not so much of a good news for dragon types.

    Yeahhhhj!! Fairy

    Parneet Kaur
  • Dragon type Pokemon,wild and aggressive behavior. Also very powerful in battles. I don't like taking people's crap and I do have a unique personality. Cool quiz mate.


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