Which Player R u?

yup.... LA LA LA LA.... YOU JUST TOOK A QUIZ.... Wwho were you huh were you who you thought you were going to be? yes no maybe so? Yikes meez sooooo bored and tired of typing

yup.... you took a quix blah blah. Oops so exciting. Random. Type Type. Random Type Type. Bored yet? I am!! Gosh this take long, whatcha think? Yea anywas=ys what abouit

Created by: PurpleMaC
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In your mail you have..
  2. In EC forums you like to...
  3. You usually
  4. If a player is doing wrong you..
  5. You like...
  6. People Usually...
  7. If you had one thing on howrse it would be...
  8. Do you like..
  9. You get in trouble for...
  10. Do you get a bunch of congrats?

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