do you have the skills of a player? or the skills of a CPU addict? if you would like to know if you can rank up to a player or an average joe take this test.

are you a player or a loser? a dude or a CPU addict? to find out how you rank up take this test then quiz your friends. P.S. its only for guys and it is super cool.

Created by: Morgan Smith
  1. what's your dress code?
  2. how do you like your girl?
  3. What is the best first date?
  4. how many girls can you handle at once?
  5. what's your favorite game?
  6. what's your favorite girl type?
  7. how big do you like "EM"?
  8. what is the most effective way of scoring
  9. what's the most romantic thing you can do?
  10. whats your fav. colour?

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