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  • Your Result: you are benvolio!

    peace man! you are a kind and sensitive person just like romeos 'kinsman'. you my friend, are a really good guy! but its ok to be bad sometimes! my advice to you: fill your closet with those peace sign scarves every 1 has! they are perfect 4 you

    -- omg how accurate!! my friend (not really my friend but a guy) always says that im too nice and i need to be mean sometimes.

    Too me
  • Your Result: you are juliet!

    you love a little fantasy, but like julie, you've got 2 feet on the ground. your not in a super rush to fall in love... unless you find your romeo that is! relax a little jj! your young & smart! its all good...but watch out for paris!

    ---hehe ee!! this is another one i got and its been a month.This is totally accurate especially the fantasy part.and im smart =P

    Too me
  • I'm Benvolio!
    I really am a peace sign fan.

    I'll go buy one of those scarves sooner or later... preferably later... LOL!

  • I'm Benvolio
    I'm a girl not a guy
    I give this quiz a 4 star

  • omg i am nothing like him i am a girl a stight girl and it is not copmleatly acurate and it is weird that romeo and juliet are cousins i give this 6 stars

  • bevolio! his personality fits me perfect lol. nice quiz.

    Puppy xo1
  • cool, im juliette


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