Which Person Can You Choose?

There Are Many People Who Are in A Different Type. Some May Be Preppy. Some May Be Punk. And Some May Be Nerdy! But The Question is, Which Person Will Be That Type? For Your Answer, I'll Put You in A shoes of a quiz that has lot of potential.

Which Person Will YOU Be? What Kind Of Choices Match Your Type Of Side? Until Now You Suddenly Wonder And Thinks About Qualifying These Choices. But Until Now You Suddenly Wonder. But Thanks To This Wonderful Quiz in A Few minutes you will find out!

Created by: NoBo!
  1. You Are in A Movie Theater And There Are 6 Films That Are Out. Haunted Disaster,A Moment Of Romance,The Meltdown, BOO!, On Planet Mars And Nobody Knows Who.
  2. You Are At A Party With 32 People. Its Time To Go Home And You Have To Bring 2 People For Sleep Over. Who?
  3. Its Saturday And Your Friends Want To Hang Out With You. But Where?
  4. What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
  5. What Kind Of Chocolate Are You into?
  6. What Color is Your Favorite?
  7. Are You Smart,Mean,Preppy,Jock,Handsome Or Sporty?
  8. What Soda do you like drinking the most?
  9. What Kind Of Cake Do You Eat?
  10. Last, What Whether Type Are You?

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