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  • I'm Rachel-Elizabeth Dare!

    Rachel is a mortal girl who can see through the Mist, and the host of the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. She is very athletic and kind. She has always had a rocky relationship with her father, who is a buisnessman who tears down wildlife and replaces it with shopping malls and big building. Rachel doesn't approve of what her father does for a living, and rebels in any way she can. Rachel is also very artistic, and paints and draws a lot. It was mentioned in The Battle of the Labyrinth that she can paint with both her hands and feet. If you were a character in Percy Jackson, you would be Rachel.

  • I got Thalia! I think shes cool. I actually think im kinda like her! :D good quiz

  • oh! i'm thalia. thats just coolio.


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