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  • I got Poseidon. Good quiz! ;) Make more

  • Make more quizzes like this one. It's EEEEEEPIIIIIC!! Any thing that involves Greek mythology and Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan, I fall in love with. But next time, add Hades.

  • Your Result: Poseidon

    You are the powerful child of Poseidon, lord of the seas and the oceans. You are one of the Big Three, but be careful as you have a strong scent that attracts monsters. Your half-brothers are Percy and Tyson.

    25% Zeus
    25% Athena
    25% Apollo
    25% Hephaestus
    0% Ares
    0% Demeter
    0% Aphrodite
    0% Hermes
    0% Dionysus


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