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  • Which Penderwick sister are you?
    Your Result: Jane Penderwick 76%

    You are the dreamy, imaginative penderwick. You are the most creative out of the three older penderwicks, but tie with Batty in creativity. You are good at sensing emotions, which explains why you're so easy to be around. You're nice and would do anything. Just don't let Sabrina Starr throw you off. :)

    62% Skye Penderwick
    26% Rosalind Penderwick
    15% Elizabeth (Batty) Penderwick

  • Which Penderwick sister are you?
    Your Result: Skye Penderwick 74%

    You are the feisty, stubborn penderwick. You are smart in a firey sort of way. You thrive at subjects where it's either right or wrong - like math, but don't do so well in english. Try to think bigger sometimes! And stop calling Batty a midget. :)

    50% Rosalind Penderwick
    28% Jane Penderwick
    14% Elizabeth (Batty) Penderwick

    Per sonality wise I'm more like Skye, but I'm actually better in English than I am in math.


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