Which PC girl aer yooh?

This quiz has to do with the members of the Pretty Committee. Which member are you? I dont know. So take this quiz. It will surely set you straight. And it is very interesting to.

These girls are the most popular girls in their school. They all have different personalities, which makes this quiz so irresistable. It takes allof the girls characteristics and splits them.

Created by: misty
  1. Whats yoor thought on fashion?
  2. What store do you prefer?
  3. What do you liketo do in yoor spare time?
  4. Who is yoor dream guy?
  5. Whats yoor house like?
  6. favorite accesory
  7. What shoes do yooh love?
  8. Who would yooh rather be?
  9. If all the girls in yoor school suddenly didnt care about yoor group any more,what would yooh do 2 get back on top?
  10. favorite food
  11. Which PC member do yooh wish to be?

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