Which Outlast character are you

This quiz is based on the game Outlast a horror game made by Red barrels in 2013 it's a horror-thrille game with lot's of crazy and interesting characters and great story content and good graphics.

I made this quiz to see which character your most like in Outlast to match your personality best and why it describes you this is just a quiz based on fictional characters and should not be taken seriously.

Created by: Batsintown777
  1. What's your occupation?
  2. Whats your greatest asset
  3. What would lead to your downfall
  4. What's your goal in life
  5. Describe your self
  6. What were you in school
  7. What would you get in trouble for
  8. Choose a fictional character
  9. You started your first day in school how do you approach
  10. How do you handle a group of enemy's

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Quiz topic: Which Outlast character am I