Which Out of the three Cats are you?

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Welcome to my quiz P.S sorry no JayFeather in this quiz thats ME! The three cats are LionBlaze, HollyLeaf, And Dovewing! Anyways enjoy the quiz so you get something GOOD for a score!! please enjoy this took me VERY long for me to make!

Hello i'm Jay's Wing!! Hope you enjoy the GREAT quiz! For me i would love it if i didn't make it! And just saying No JayFeather!! In the Quiz just saying don't be mad at me :(!

Created by: Jay's Wing

  1. Who would you wanna be most?
  2. If you were finding out you having kits, how would you feel?
  3. Your Kit ate a bad herb and is sick, what would you do about it?
  4. You were just born as a kit and got let out of the nursery for the first time, you get lost and meet a cat from another clan, and they say follow them, would you?
  5. You've been chosen to be Leader! But you Don't know if you should accept, Should you?
  6. Your Mate says they Hate the leader for they're service and should leave the clan with your kits, would you agree?
  7. Your clan is Attacked!! Everyone has been injured, And your kits! Would you join them??
  8. Your kit fell in the lake, would you jump in to rescue them?
  9. Your best friend joined another clan, would you do the same?
  10. You want a mate but no one wants you... would you leave?

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Quiz topic: Which Out of the three Cats am I?