Which original hair colour are you?

Bored of Brunette, Black, Blonde and Ginger? want something new and original, but dont know which way to go? take this quiz today and find out which daring new hair colour is perfect for you!

Ever wondered which hair colour you should be? wonder no more, my friend, and find out today! will you be Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green or Rainbow?

Created by: LusciousLocks

  1. Ok, first off what is your favourite colour?
  2. What is your favourite passtime
  3. Your in school and you overhear another girl in your class saying a really nasty rumour about your BFF..how do you deal with this?
  4. you find out that there is going to be an awesome party at a friend of a friends house on Friday night...how do you react?
  5. Bad news. its your Great Grandma Charlotte's birthday on Friday. your parents wont let you go...
  6. A pal of your crush comes up to you and announces that your crush loves you. how do you reply?
  7. your asked to draw a single object/place i art class. you draw..
  8. If you had to be one animal, what would you be?
  9. Whats your favourite kind of music?
  10. You are given a choice of places to visit before you die. which one do you choose?
  11. Finally, whats your favourite hairstyle?

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Quiz topic: Which original hair colour am I?