Which One of my Warriors OCs is Your Bestie?

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Welcome to the quiz of warriors besties! Not every character will appear as a result, by the way… in this quiz, you will discover who is your BESTIE!

Let’s pretend that a cat that represents YOU is in this, and will show who is the best friend of one of their clan members. This quiz takes place in Rainclan, a clan made up just so we won’t have any existing things… Your name at the start is Morningkit, a she-cat with ginger and white fur! Let’s begin!

Created by: Epic_Pomeranian
  1. Did you read the beginning paragraphs, especially the second one? 🤨
  2. You wake up inside Rainclan’s nursery on a sunny, yet misty day. Your sister, Petalkit is spinning in circles, doing… something… you see your mother, Dewfrost, lecturing your brother Vinekit not to bite Sundove’s kits. What would you want to do?
  3. (If you chose the second option, Petalkit walks up to you. If you chose the first, she talks first, noticing you.) “Oh, heya! What are you doing? Vinekit bit Dawnkit AGAIN! Can you believe it? He loves fighting, it’s CRAZY!” She glances at him. “Wanna go see Torntail? I heard she is a super scary ghost medicine cat that eats kits!”
  4. Dewfrost glances over at you two. “Torntail is a nice elder, she is not a ghost! Petalkit, don’t put ideas into Morningkit’s head! Maybe ask her for a story or something…” Petalkit shrugs. “Alright, fine. But it better be good!” She dashes to the nursery, and you follow her. When you enter, you see Torntail, a silver tabby she-cat with a scar halfway down her tail. Her forearm is also scarred, and her yellow eyes seems like sharpened thorns. “Can I help you..?” She grumbles.
  5. (Let’s just say you chose to ask for a story ;-;) She glanced around. She catches Petalkit staring at her tail. “Mmmph… Let me guess… you want to know what made me look like this..?” Petal,it nods, a bit embarrassed. You can tell Torntail doesn’t look too pleased about this request. Are you going to stop it to make her more comfortable, or hear the story?
  6. (If you chose to interfere…) “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I know it might be personal… or scary, or something…” You say. She blinked, grunting. Although you are just a kit, you can smell her relief, thankfulness and pleasure that a kit like you exists. “It’s okay, I can tell you.”
  7. (If you answered the last one, or chose to not interfere, this is what you will answer.) “When I was just a warrior, my name wasn’t Torntail. I was Shivertalon. I was a good warrior, being excellent at talking to cats along the border. I was always selected on border patrols, to end confrontation if it came. But once, we encountered a coyote. Coyotes don’t always attack first, but… When Driftstar was just a deputy, he was Driftstream. He lead the patrol, and managed to agitate the coyote by hissing. It attacked. I attacked hard, but it bit my tail. I refused to amputate it. Everyone thought I would die… The current leader gave my the name Torntail, because of this… I survived, but was unable to pounce without getting an injured paw. It took 14 moons to heal, but before then, no one thought I’d recover. So I became a medicine cat…”
  8. (If you asked if she liked being a med) She twitched her tail, gazing at you. “Well, you are certainly a curious kit. Usually they run away before a mumble anything. Alright, I suppose I can tell you… It alright, I guess. Collecting herbs is nice, but I wish that I had a friend to do it with me at times. One that… understand my losses… I lost everything, my mate, my fur and even my mother. But everything was okay. Certainly a kit wouldn’t understand, but I am not saying your mindless… Now, go have your lunch or whatever. I need to make pulp.” She turned around, mixing some juniper and a dash of catmint: her signature cure for coughs.
  9. You run out of the medicine den, spotting a bright orange butterfly. You leap after it, but notice something in the sky. Large, golden wings soaring above you with an ear piercing call. Your mother shouts at you to get back into the nursery. Petal kit manages to get there. Right before you get to safety, you notice Rosekit sitting in the clearing, seemingly staring at nothing. You have always seen her as strange… not deaf, but sometimes blocks out all the sounds to concentrate on their thoughts. Do you run over to them, and break their relaxing moment of peace to save them from the eagle?
  10. (If you chose yes) You dash out, your mother screaming at you to return. You gently tap Rosekit. She quickly turns to you, surprised. You hear the eagle call before swooping down. You leap into a bush, shouting at her to follow. She leaps, but the eagle’s talons firmly grasp around her hips. She screams, reaching her paw to you. Do you grab it?
  11. (If you chose no on running out to save Rosekit) You watch her stare into the distance, but stand. She turns around, happily trotting towards the nursery. She was done with her odd staring. You hear the eagle call, dropping down. Rosekit’s face was full of joy. In her sudden dash, the eagle misses, flapping into the air. She enters the nursery, safe. You all glance outside, happy that she made it in time. Eagles were a huge threat. But you think about your upcoming apprentice ceremony…
  12. (If you chose to grab her hand) You grip her hand as the eagle flaps. Your paws scrape again the ground as it easily lifts you both. Suddenly, Driftstar leaps from the shadows, pouncing on the bird. He pushes it into the air, and it flees. Rosekit falls, and you smile, grateful she is okay. Driftstar smiles too, but at you. “Ready to be an apprentice, little hero?”

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