Which one of my own Clans are you in?

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You can be in LightningClan, PineClan, MarshClan, DawnClan, FlowerClan, or SilverClan. Enjoy!Shop is a great place for you and your friends to make sure you are the winner and you will be known as Dawnpaw. I write random things (:

Created by: Ivydream

  1. What is your dream territory (out of these)?
  2. What is your favorite REAL Clan?
  3. What is your rank?
  4. Favorite prey?
  5. What is your weakness?
  6. RP: You see a member from another Clan on your territory. What do you do?
  7. Who is your favorite leader out of these?
  8. What is your favorite name out of these?
  9. Who is your favorite non-Clan cat?
  10. Best redeeming quality?
  11. (She-cat) What name would you like for your mate?
  12. (toms) What name would you like for your mate?
  13. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Which one of my own Clans am I in?

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