Which one of my OC's are you ?(She-cats only)

So in this you find out which of my three OC's you are . Out of Honeydapple , Lightpelt and Skyfrost . They have all been in a story that I wrote in my notebooks .

The first says it all so I'm just typing random letters from now . Fgcdgcdryfdygdrgvdegdetfxegdsgfegfjfffhrgghgfsefgdcbtrniogfebn vbfhbdybffnng thhfghbchtbv

Created by: Whitewhirl

  1. Hi are you ready ?
  2. R.P. You are in a battle how do you stop it ?
  3. Who do you like ?
  4. How many siblings have you had that have died ?
  5. What is your fave colour ?
  6. Which clan ?
  7. Which superpower ?
  8. Which fruit ?
  9. Which element ?
  10. Bye .

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Quiz topic: Which one of my OC's am I ?(She-cats only)