Which one of my hermit crabs are you?

Well, I have quite a few hermit crabs so I decided to see which one was most common. The results are Lyle, Marie Antoinette, Nereus, and Quinton. There's only a few minutes to find out which one you are.

Hermit crabs are interesting creatures. We know how to take great care of them but not how they make noise or how they digest. They're quite as well. If you watch them, you'll be amused.

Created by: Amberpelt

  1. Are you good at making friends?
  2. What is your favorite fruit?
  3. Where do you like to go to the beach (select one if not listed)
  4. What color sounds better?
  5. Are you...
  6. Are you volatile(Snappy) or chill?
  7. Do you have glasses/contacts?
  8. Do you like...
  9. Favorite time of day?
  10. Do you like baths
  11. Are you energetic?
  12. Do you like climbing, digging, or napping?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my hermit crabs am I?