Which one of my friends are you?

Who out of my friends are you most like? Is it Molly, Ellen, Claire, Amy, or Jordanna? They are all awesome people, whether you know them or not. The person you get is...

The best match for you, and if you met them would be your best friend! They are all my best friends and will be your secret best friend too! Enjoy! (But you don't have to if you don't want to)!

Created by: Chloe12

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  1. Round 1: Molly! Do you lift your knees high when you run?
  2. Molly Q2: Straight line.
  3. Molly Q3: Amelia.
  4. Molly Q4: What game do you like to play?
  5. Molly Q5: Who's your favourite YouTuber?
  6. Round 2: Ellen! Q1: Outdoors or indoors?
  7. Ellen Q2: Greek Gods or Cute Dogs?
  8. Ellen Q3: Irish dancing or random prancing?
  9. Ellen Q4: Do you jab people in the stomach for fun?
  10. Ellen Q5: Do you like to be the leader all the time?
  11. Round 3: Amy! Q1: Do you stress if you haven't revised for an exam?
  12. Amy Q2: If someone said, "Your hair looks really bad today", would you yell at them?
  13. Amy Q3: Do you stalk other peoples friends?
  14. Amy Q4: Do you have many friends?
  15. Amy Q5: Do you know when to do the right thing?
  16. Round 4: Claire! Q1: Do you know everything about 1D (One Direction)?
  17. Claire Q2: Are you always relaxed?
  18. Claire Q3: Do you always smile?
  19. Claire Q4: Do you get high on Ribena?
  20. Claire Q5: Do you usually go to parties or discos?
  21. Final round: Jordanna! Q1: Do you always give out hugs?
  22. Jordanna Q2: Do you walk slowly?
  23. Jordanna Q3: Do you get high on TicTacs?
  24. Jordanna Q4: Are you a wimp/easily scared?
  25. Jordanna Q5: Are you girly?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my friends am I?