Which one of Annas friends are you?

This is quiz is to see which one of my friends you are if you get the wrong one this is awkward. It says I have to right 150 words here so h h h h u u

Haha I also have to write 150 words here this is taking me so long haha so ya h by. I I i u u i I u i I j j no I’m only at 107 words I have to do more h h

Created by: Anna

  1. What’s the best song to listen to in the car
  2. The best food is
  3. The worst food🤮🤮
  4. When we hang out we
  5. For haloween I’d wear
  6. At Jacobs I get
  7. Boys are cute if they
  8. The best holiday is
  9. Anna in one word is
  10. My hair is
  11. Because this quiz is almost over . . .
  12. During the PSAT I

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Quiz topic: Which one of Annas friends am I?