Which OLD GOD would you best serve?

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Haven't you heard? The end of the world is at hand. And people are just...getting used to it. Sure, there's shambling cults, and you can join those if you think it's fun for you...but so many people have just set up simple altars in their homes, right for the sacrifice of the OLD GOD they believe will devour humanity.

Who would you set yours up to?...Well, there's a variety of options. Some would argue over which could truly be called Gods--but if it has the power, then who are they to argue?

Created by: Cobalt Cosmos

  1. As you're walking by on a sunny day, you hear someone scream "HELP!" from a nearby alleyway. Nobody else seems to be around, and you can hear the sound of a scuffle...
  2. Your lazy classmate comes up to you after class and asks to copy your notes. You have them in your hands, and you don't exactly hate this guy. You also have some time after school.
  3. There's a flyer up for a community talent show! It seems a little cheesy, but decently produced, and both the tryout times and the show itself happen to be times you're free.
  4. Your lecturer is going on about something you already know...except there's a detail that they're getting VERY wrong, and you know it! Nobody else seems to question it...Are you sure you know this!?
  5. On an otherwise quiet afternoon, your neighbor's child shows up at your doorstep asking to play tee-ball. You're in good health and all, but...
  6. You're set to paint a self-portrait! The easel is up, your brushes are at hand, and you know exactly what you're going to do. Your medium of choice is...
  7. You find a wallet lying on the street. Nobody seems to act as if they saw it, or recently dropped something themselves...and they're not paying much attention to you, for that matter.
  8. Your job is presenting to you many opportunities, and one of these is to move abroad, or at least elsewhere in your country! There's a few possibilities for you to take, of course...
  9. The organization you're a part of really needs to get the word out about the cause! But there's only so many ways to help out...
  10. You're visiting an antique store with friends. What catches your eye?
  11. What kind of pencil eraser do you prefer?
  12. What kind of fruit do you like most?
  13. Do you eat your vegetables regularly?
  14. What's your bed like?
  15. Do you respond to messages quickly?
  16. Of these, which palette do you like best?
  17. You must select what you most despise.
  18. You can go out with a bang or a whimper.
  19. Peace can be at any price. This is your chance to pay.
  20. You, as an individual, are worth nothing. Your only worth is within a collective. Alone, you are incapable of anything.
  21. This world must be fundamentally reshaped into something firm and sensible.
  22. You want to be able to give up all hope of a future, and instead enjoy the present until it's gone.
  23. Answering to a higher authority is important, for society and the meaning of one's life.
  24. I am better than other people.
  25. One last question. What do you tell yourself that you know isn't true, at least for now?

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